Why should you buy an AIR8 Air Purifier for your Hotels and/or Restaurants?

Our air purifiers are perfect for hotels and restaurants. They have four to six filtration stages depending on the model, including carbon filtrationionisationUV-GI light, and cold catalyst. Our products ensure that the allergens are filtered out, they ensure that small viruses like COVID-19 are filtered out, and they ensure the air feels fresh.

Our devices are the best quality in medical – grade Air Purifiers. But they are also the most affordable Air Purifiers per CADR (Clean air delivery rate).

HORECA air purifier

The CADR rating reflects the volume of air in CFM (cubic feet per minute) that is cleaned of particles of certain sizes. CADR rating gives the consumer a way to compare air purifiers that consider both air flow and filter efficiency.  AT AIR8, we have Air Purifiers from 260 to 1200 CADR.

Our products combine cutting-edge technologies and certified filters that have been effective in the medical sector for decades. Completely automated, our portable and stand-alone devices are easy to use and fit within any interior. Apart from their high efficiency in air filtration and virus eradication, they offer multiple functionalities and are very quiet. Another reason to have air purifiers in hotels or restaurants.

Air purifier 6-stage filtration technology

Our multi-stage filtration air purifiers are powerful devices combining the most advanced technologies currently available on the market. This combination of several filters guarantees the elimination of 99.97% of harmful particles, viruses and bacteria present in the air.


  • Touch screen control panel
  • Auto/speed mode
  • 1-9 hours timer
  • Automated sleep mode
  • Intensive mode
  • Ultra-silent air sanitiser
  • Energy efficiency


  • Air Quality light detector
  • Cutting edge technology
  • WIFI connected
  • Remote Control
  • Swivel wheels
  • Modern Design

Ensuring the health at your hotel and restaurant with air purifiers

Did you know that in restaurants, hotel rooms and bars, COVID-19 can easily spread from one person to another through the air? This is why the government has imposed restrictions (health codes) to ensure adequate ventilation and safety measures. But do these restrictions always have the desired effect?

In Belgium, restaurant owners must measure CO2 levels, and they are obliged to ensure “good ventilation.” If the restaurant does not meet the ventilation standards, they receive a fine from the government.

Restaurants and hotels have realised that having a medical-grade air purifier in their business is a must. Natural ventilation is not only very difficult to control, but also very uncomfortable as the temperature drops. This is why in hospitals and other private institutions, medical-grade air purifiers are already being used to protect the people who spend a lot of time in buildings. HEPA 13 filters remove ultra-fine particles that are invisible to the naked eye from the air. Basically, this means that the devices not only improve indoor comfort, but also reduce risks for your health.

If the atmosphere has a greasy feel, if fine particles from kitchen activities are polluting the air, and if bacteria and viruses transmitted via respiratory droplets can freely act, the restaurant and/or hotel will have a hard time providing an exemplary experience.