Why you need an air purifier?

According to a study performed by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, Indoor Air Quality indoor air is five times as contaminated as outdoor air. The study states that indoor contamination increased in recent decades due to inadequate building construction (new buildings lack mechanical ventilation that ensures adequate airflow) and the high usage of household products containing a high amount of chemicals.

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Clean air is not only essential but also vital for all of us. Nonetheless, many of us think that indoor air quality is impossible because even the most sterile room can still have dirt particles filled with bacteria that could harm our health. The study done by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Center for Health and the Global Environment Importance of indoor air quality states that indoor pollutants damage respiratory systems and affect individuals’ cognitions, from impaired concentration, reduction of memory, and lower decision-making capabilities. Effects caused by poor indoor air quality are why air purifiers are essential in indoor spaces because they diminish the concentration of pollutants. High-quality air purifiers eliminate most small pollutants that trigger health risks such as respiratory infections (COVID-19), neurological complications and worsen asthma sufferers’ symptoms.

​​In AIR8, we offer medical-grade air purifiers that are equipped with six stages of high-tech filtration. Each filter has a distinct objective, and each one operates with different technology. Our multi-stage filtration air purifiers are powerful devices that combine the most cutting-edge technology on the market today. This combination of filters ensures the elimination of 99.97 percent of hazardous particles, viruses, and germs present in the air. 

What type of filters are essential in the air purifiers filtration process?

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Pre-filters are the first step in the air filtration process. This filter eliminates large particles such as dust, dirt, and hair. Pre-filters are the first step in the air filtration process; they eliminate large particles of dust, dirt, and hair. The pre-filters are similar to a sieve due to how they function. In this stage, air flows through the filter’s small apertures while hair, dirt, and dust are trapped. The pre-filter purpose is to separate bigger air particles, so the other five more advanced filters eliminate smaller air particles.

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon air filters remove gasses and filter them through a bed of activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal. The bed of activated carbon eliminates odours such as the smell of tobacco and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released from common household products. Activated carbon air filters remove pollutants from the air with a process known as adsorption. On the other hand, carbon filters use ad-sorption, and during adsorption, the pollutants stick to the outside of the carbon. The adsorption process allows carbon air filters to filter organic chemicals (gases) from the air. 

Cold Catalyst 

Catalyst filters transform benzene, formaldehyde, and other harmful gasses into safer ones. The process of catalyst filtering is complex, but it is essential to have fresh air in your indoor space.  

HEPA Filters

The acronym HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It is an efficiency standard for air filters used in air purification systems and devices designed to eliminate harmful airborne pollutants effectively. It’s called a high-efficiency filter since it can capture and eliminate 99.97 percent of fine nanoparticles in the air, including viruses, bacteria, allergies, and pollutants. HEPA filters contain a microscopic fiber maze that consists of interlaced glass fibers that are twisted and rotated. Diffusion catches small particles as they pass through them. Particles are trapped inside by touching and clinging to the sides of the fibers; these particles are trapped, and the air that comes out no longer has harmful pollutants and pathogens. At AIR8, each air purifier possesses high-quality HEPA 13 filters. HEPA 13 filters are the most powerful filters you can install in commercial appliances. HEPA 13 filters can clean 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.1 microns in size, whereas standard HEPA filters can only filter out 0.3-millimeter particles and larger. If you want your air purifier to be effective against COVID, you’ll need an air purifier with a medical-grade HEPA 13 filter installed.

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The UV-GI light is an unrivalled technology that sterilises 99,99% of particles. The ultraviolet light (UV-GI) eradicates unhealthy microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria. Once destroyed, these accumulated microorganisms can no longer multiply in the filter. The UV-GI light technology has been used in healthcare environments to disinfect spaces when unoccupied. The UV-GI lights are safely built-in and exposed only to the HEPA filter, making them 100% safe and compliant with EU directives.


Ionisers in air purifiers sterilise the room by electrically charging air molecules. This filter uses ions to eliminate microbes, particulates, and odours, making the indoor air healthier.

Why AIR8?

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COVID-19 and the need for clean and safe air has created a high demand for air purifiers. We differentiate from competitors due to our multi-stage filtration high-tech air purifiers equipped with the most advanced technology currently on the market. The advanced technology we work with allows us to reach the highest rate of filtration and the highest CADR ( Clean Air Delivery Rate) on the market. We offer our products at a reasonable price because we believe breathing clean air should not be a luxury. AIR8 will provide a safe atmosphere for your clients, employees, and business. 

Our products are CE approved and TÜV tested, which means they’re reliable, safe, and consistent. You can rely on them to create disinfection systems that work reliably and continuously for very long periods of time.

AIR8 is in the journey of providing safe air to indoor spaces, Safe Air Spaces . Our mission is to encourage companies and organisations to improve the quality of indoor air we breathe. With AIR8, you can provide a safe atmosphere to your clients, employees, and business.

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