France lifts face masks mandate

Since the beginning of the pandemic, various EU countries implemented strict measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. But France was one of the nations whose rules were more rigid. The glamorous Champs Elysee was no longer buzzing, the Moulin Rouge was not sold out, and the Mona Lisa had no audience for the first time. The city of lights and its nation were in the grip of extinction. However, France is lifting its face masks mandate.

The era of post-COVID-19 

France finally is on the route to normality, after two lockdowns, three waves of COVID-19, and the requirement of vaccination passports to have a “normal life.” Earlier this month, French prime minister Jean Castex announced the exciting news that most of all COVID-19 measurements will be dropped starting on March 14, 2022. Theatres, museums, restaurants, bars, and cafes will work at normal hours without any curfews and limited capacities. But the most exhilarating news is the dropping of mandatory use of masks in all public spaces and indoor venues. However, they are still required in public transportations, hospitals, and care homes.

France and COVID

France is clearly on the route to normality, a scenario that most of us thought was very far from happening. But the real question is, how much will the fairy tale of freedom last? And what precautions could people follow? Days after France was free of restrictions, Santé Publique recorded an increase in new infections. According to the French health system, based on a seven-day average, the number of new infections has risen to over 60,000, up from around 50,000 a week ago, leading scientists to question if the lifting of restrictions was too soon. French health minister Oliver Véran tweeted his concerns about the lifting of measurements. The same day France went back to normality, “But today, as yesterday, vulnerable people or those in the presence of fragile people, should remain vigilant, maintain the barrier gestures”. Concerns about a future spike in infections are increasing. Therefore, people should still be aware that this pandemic is far from over.


masks COVID

The constant cleaning of surfaces and people washing their hands can still be the golden rule of this pandemic. But the forgotten hand gel that most of us have in our cars will not protect us from the virus, especially in closed spaces. To guarantee clean air in closed spaces, air purifiers are the solution. These machines can abolish pollutants that linger in the air due to the HEPA filters. HEPA filters capture and remove nanoparticles, including COVID-19, germs, allergens, and contaminants, from the air. Air purifiers with high-quality HEPA 13 filters, which remove 99.97 percent of particles as tiny as 0.1 microns, are available in AIR8.

Even if restrictions are lifted, and the use of masks is no longer required, people still need to take precautions. And with our air purifiers, you will feel safe and secure.