What causes a person to suffer allergies?

An allergy is the body’s defensive reaction to external substances that enter our body. The human body reacts impulsively by neutralising this substance by means of antibodies. An allergic reaction can appear by signs; through the respiratory system, skin reactions or absorption through the skin. Air purifiers relieve allergies by improving and cleaning the air you inhale, which is the way most allergies are provoked.

Allergies rise up specially during spring season where pollen tends to bring the worst in people with allergic reaction.

The substances that cause allergic reactions are called “allergens”. Among the most common are pollen, dust, mites, animal hair (dog, cat, rabbit), medicines, food, among others. The fact is that the body responds intuitively as soon as these allergens enter the organism.

Common allergies

– Food: nuts, shellfish, fruits, milk, between others.

– Respiratory: asthma, bronchospasm.

– Skin: rashes.

– Rhinoconjunctivitis: sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, stuffy nose, mucus, watery eyes.

Habits to prevent allergies

Allergies are considered a chronic disease, so the most common treatments are based on reducing their impact on people.

There are weekly injections, medications, and an infinity of methods that deal with this issue. However, there are actions that can be incorporated into the lives to improve the conditions under which they are exposed.

For example, constantly vacuuming, replacing carpets, keeping pets as far as possible, using mattresses and bedding made of hypoallergenic material.

Air purifiers relieve allergies

Among the most effective is the use of high-tech air purifiers. Fortunately, there is a highly efficient method that guarantees clean and safe air for allergy sufferers: indoor air purifiers. During spring season that tends to star during the months of March and April, air purifiers may be an excellent solution to prevent the bothersome allergies caused by pollen.

How do air purifiers relieve allergies?

HEPA filter air purifiers trap fine particles and remove 99.97% of microparticles derived from allergens, dust and other substances concentrated in enclosed spaces. Thus, providing cleaner and more breathable air, reducing exposure to dust particles and other allergy-causing impurities.

Functionality of HEPA air purifiers

The functionality of the HEPA air purifier is that it has additional layers of filters. This facilitates the removal of large particles such as dust, odors, pet dander, smoke, and fine particles of 0.1 microns.

Considering that most allergies affect people’s daily life in terms of academic, work and leisure performance, people are highly conditioned and limited. Therefore, its highly important to improve their daily life with state-of-the-art air disinfection solutions.

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