Formaldehyde, the air pollutant most carcinogen in the outdoor and indoor air


HCHO (Formaldehyde chemical formula) is a flammable colorless gas with a strong odor. Typically found in wood and household products, building materials, cigarette smoke, and more.

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), HCHO is among the 187 hazardous air pollutants and is the most carcinogen in the outdoor and indoor air.

High exposure to this gas may create adverse severe long health effects. HCHO, unfortunately, is found in households and indoor spaces; therefore, it is difficult to eliminate.

In this blog, learn more about formaldehyde and where you can find it. The consequences it may have on your health and how you can mitigate its exposure.

What is Formaldehyde?

HCHO, the chemical formula as formaldehyde, is a colorless strong odor chemical. Frequently used to produce a wide range of goods such as fabrics, insulation materials, adhesives, and pressed wood. It is also commonly used as a fungicide and germicide disinfectant. HCHO is a manufactured gas, but it can also develop naturally, meaning that living organisms’ metabolic processes can produce it.

Where is it found?

Open fireplaces, automobile emissions outside, gas stoves, household

Pesticides and fertilisers

Dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners

Preservatives that are used in medicines

In fuel-burning appliances such as heaters and gas stoves


How are we exposed to it?

The primary way we are exposed to HCHO is by inhaling it and drinking or eating foods containing small amounts of formaldehyde.

The levels of HCHO are high in indoor spaces/ homes equipped with pressed wood products and kerosene heaters.

HCHO, as mentioned above, is also found in tobacco smoke; therefore, people who smoke, likewise those who breathe it, are highly exposed to high levels of formaldehyde.

How is HCHO harmful to our health?

World Health Organisation

According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) study, the chemical gas formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen.  The American Society of Cancer ran tests on laboratory animals, and their findings demonstrated that high exposure to HCHO was linked to cancer.

When experimenting on rats, cancer and leukaemia were detected when formaldehyde was inhaled; also, when rats were given water containing HCHO, there was an increase in stomach tumors.

Danger for humans

Cancer was found in not only animals but also humans. Epidemiology studies of people who are highly exposed to HCHO in working places also indicated a higher risk of developing cancer and leukaemia.

High exposure to formaldehyde not only increases the chances of developing cancer or leukaemia but also can have other adverse health effects such as skin irritation, nausea, coughing, watery eyes, and more.

How can we stay safe from Formaldehyde?

According to the EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency), good quality indoor ventilation is the only way to mitigate exposure to HCHO and reduce the risk of health issues.

Air purifiers are the solution to guarantee safe and clean ventilation for indoor spaces. We offer air purifiers equipped with six different high-tech filters, including the carbon air filter (the only one that has the power to eliminate HCHO).

Carbon air filters

Carbon air filters remove gasses and filter them through a bed of activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal. The bed of activated carbon eliminates odors such as the smell of tobacco and volatile organic compounds (HCHO is part of VCOs) that are released from common household products.

Activated carbon air filters remove pollutants from the air with a process known as adsorption. The adsorption process allows carbon air filters to filter organic chemicals (gases) from the air assuring a clean indoor atmosphere.


To maximize your safety, we also provide air monitor such as the 09 GUARD EDGE . The air monitor can detect HCHO and other pollutants in your indoor space . This device combines multiple air sensors with a built-in fan that allows real-time monitoring of the previously mentioned air parameters. Apart from the clock and record function, results can be read on the display.In AIR8, we prioritize the health and safety of our clients; therefore, we offer powerful tools that will keep you and your family free from indoor air pollution.

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