Medical Air Purifiers

There’s no doubt that medical establishments need to maintain the highest quality of cleanliness and hygiene if they want to earn the trust of visitors/customers/patients. Entire medical establishments succeed and fail based on this alone.

The low-rated medical establishments in your region are in need of medial air purifiers. It is quite likely you’ll see 1 star/2 star reviews complaining about the cleanliness of the place, the lack of hygiene, foul smells, etc. These are some of the most common complaints people levy against medical establishments.

One of the main ways you can keep your establishment feeling fresh, preventing dust from building up, and keeping your employees and visitors healthy is by installing air purifiers. Medical air purifiers can help filter out dust, viruses, bacteria, foul smells, and much more. They’re necessary for a medical establishment.

The need for medical air purifiers has become even more pressing recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic being primarily caused by air-borne molecules. Air quality has become one of the primary concerns of many people.

What Qualities Do Our Medical-Grade Air Purifiers Have?

While air purifiers are necessary for your establishment, not just any cheap, regular air purifier will do the job. Here at AIR8, our medical-grade air purifiers are specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of hospitals, clinics, etc. They have some features and qualities you can’t do without.

Medical Grade Filtration Processes

The most important part of an air purifier that is responsible for air purification is the filtration processes. The quality and quantity of the filters determine what type of molecules an air purifier can catch, and that determines whether it’s usable in a hospital or not.

Here at AIR8, we’ve gone all out with our air purifiers. All our devices have 4 to 6 filtration stages, and we make extensive use of high-quality HEPA filters. The HEPA filters we use meet HEPA 13 and 14 standards, which means they are capable of filtering out 99.97% of particles that are 0.1 microns and smaller. A HEPA filter is necessary if you want to successfully filter out bacteria and viruses (especially tiny ones like COVID-19).

HEPA Filters:

HEPA filters aren’t the only type of filtration that makes our air purifiers highly effective, however:

  • Our air purifiers take the air through a pre-filtration process — this takes care of debris and other large particles.
  • Next, the air-purifier uses a high-quality carbon filter to get rid of bad odours and harmful gases. This step is essential to keep the indoor air feeling fresh.
  • After that comes the turn of the cold catalyst filter. This continues the work of the previous filter by transforming toxic gases like formaldehyde, benzene, etc. into less harmful gases through oxidation. This step ensures that the air doesn’t only feel fresh but is also more healthy.
  • Only now will the air purifier take the air through a HEPA filter. This is the most important stage as it filters out almost all the remaining pollutants. This is what truly makes our products medical-grade air purifiers.
  • Next comes UV-GI’s (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) turn. This is a disinfection method that works by subjecting microorganisms to strong light. It prevents microorganisms from performing vital functions by destroying their nucleic acids and/or disrupting their DNA/RNA. This stage is vital if you’re planning to use the air purifier in a hospital.
  • And the last stage is the ioniser. True to its name, this stage works by ionising air particles, which makes them stick to surfaces instead of floating in the air. This makes sure the clean inside the interior truly feels fresh.

Portable, Plug-and-Play Devices

Hospitals and clinics are quite dynamic environments. Things move very fast. And you need devices that can cope with that situation. If you use air purifiers that require long installation times, can’t be transported easily, and require hours of setup, this means you won’t be able to respond to patients’ particular situations and demands.

You won’t have this problem with our air purifiers. All our solutions are plug-and-play. They are easily installed and they’re smart IoT devices, this means that moving the air purifiers around and changing their presets to cater to the patients’ needs are extremely easy.

TÜV Tested and CE Approved – Unmatched Reliability

If you’re in charge of a medical facility, you understand how important reliability is. A small mistake, something going wrong, a device malfunctioning can be the difference between life and death.

And although the threats from an air purifier malfunction might not appear as immediate, deteriorating air quality can cause a lot of health issues for both patients and health workers in the facility. This is why you have to pay extra attention to the reliability of the air purifiers you decide to purchase.

You certainly won’t have to worry about sudden failures and reliability issues with our air purifiers:

  • TÜV tested: TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) is an association of independent testing, inspection, and certifying service companies that ensure the reliability of products and technical systems. They’re some of the most prestigious and reliable associations out there. This is why we’ve made sure our products have been tested by TÜV to ensure it meets all its technical specifications.
  • CE approved: the EU has some of the most stringent safety, reliability, and health standards in the world. All our products are CE marked, which stands for conformité européenne (European conformity). This means that our products comply with all safety, reliability and health standards of the EU.

How Can You Order Air Purifiers for Medical Centres with AIR8?

Now that you know all the qualities that make our air purifiers perfect for medical facilities, you’re probably wondering about the process of ordering them. We’ve taken some important steps to make the process as individualised and as smooth as possible for our clients.

#1 Place Your Request

The process starts with you contacting us either through email or by phone. After we agree on some preliminary details, we will visit your medical facility to ensure we have the full picture. We measure the dimensions of each room you want to install air purifiers in, we test the air quality to check which solution would work best, and we study the air circulation so we learn how to make sure the indoor air is constantly fresh. Alternatively, we can give you online consultancy or discuss all the details over the phone.

#2 AIR8 Sends You a Personalised Solution

After analysing the data and your needs, we offer you a solution tailored to your spaces. We select the devices that work best for your situation, we take care of all transportation and installation-related tasks, we help familiarise your team with the devices and how they function, and we establish a support line you can use whenever you need to reach out to us. We’ve worked with multiple medical facilities before, and we’re familiar with what solutions are optimal for the sector.

#3 Choose the Financial Solution that Best Fits Your Situation

We cater to small, medium, and large medical establishments, and we recognize that different establishments have access to different levels of capital and that their investment capabilities vary greatly. This is why we offer flexible financing options.

Not only are our products at excellent price points for the features and services we offer, but we also provide leasing options that allow even small medical facilities to own the highest quality air purifiers for a tiny monthly price.

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