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Nitrogen Dioxide: Know your pollutants

Even though green technology is no longer a science fiction dream, we still must deal with the side products of our current industrial models. Nitrogen Dioxide is chief among them.

26 May 2022

A survey to understand the public’s awareness about air pollution

A quarterly survey has found what people in the UK think about the health effects of air pollution and what are the best practices to mitigate it.

25 May 2022

Air Purifiers: Ventilation itself is not enough against Nitrogen Dioxide

A study has found that passive ventilation is not very effective against indoors emissions of this nasty pollutant.

20 May 2022

Know your air pollutants: PM 2,5 particles

Here at AIR8 Magazine we often talk about different kinds of air pollutants, but we haven’t talked in depth about any of them. This new series of articles will fix that.

18 May 2022

Trees as filters to combat air pollution in cities

Research has found the effectiveness of plants to combat levels of air pollution in cities. The real question is: how effective are they?

17 May 2022

A look at some sources of indoor air pollution

On this day and age, we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors. It is convenient to look closely at some of the most common indoor air pollutants behind closed doors and see what can be done about them.

17 May 2022

Low Quality Air means Low Productivity at the Office

PM 2,5 particles and lower ventilation have been found to be directly linked to slow cognitive responses at the working space.

12 May 2022

Using Urbanism to understand Air Pollution

Architects in Spain have worked on a high-tech urbanism study to understand the realities of Barcelona’s air pollution and its influence on the health of her citizens.

10 May 2022

Air pollution affects children’s mental health

Children and adolescents living in highly air polluted neighbourhoods run a 9% larger risk of being prescribed at least one medication to treat a psychiatric disorder. A study finds a link between children’s mental health and the air pollution in our skies.

10 May 2022

When bad sleep is caused by air pollution

The relationship between the sleep and the air pollution we breathe is more intimate than what was previously thought. You don’t have to take our word for it, but you can believe the science: according to a five-years long study done by Dr. Martha E. Billings and her team at Washington University, long term exposure to various air contaminants will increase the likelihood of developing low sleep efficiency. Or, put in other words: air pollution is also one of the many culprits behind your sleepless nights.

9 May 2022

Air Pollution In European Countries

According to Eurostat, the last decade has seen a decline in the annual mean concentration of PM 2.5 particles, which can be as small as 2.5 microns and become extremely detrimental to our respiratory system. The bad news, however, is that even though this median sits well within the air quality standards defined by the EU, there are still many areas within the Continent where air pollution is a mayor health crisis. Countries where air pollutants have become an issue of life or death, aggravating existing conditions like heart and lung diseases, such as bronchitis and asthma.

9 May 2022

The results are in: the most polluted countries in Europe

A study by Green Watch directs our attention at Europe’s most and least polluted countries.

5 May 2022
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