HEPA Air Purifier Leasing

The effectiveness of an air purifier is largely dependent on its filtration processes. Two otherwise identical products that filter air at the same rate will have widely divergent efficacy rates depending on the type of filters used.

One of the most recent examples has been the COVID-19 pandemic. Many establishments with air purifiers were happy that they’d be safer, but we later found out that most filters don’t really work with COVID due to how small it is.

This is where HEPA filters come in.

What's a HEPA filter? How Effective is It?

HEPA, High-Efficiency Particulate Air, is an efficiency standard for air filters. Only filters that meet a very stringent requirement can be described as HEPA filters. This standard was developed during WW2 for soldiers on the battlefield dealing with the risks of chemical weapon attacks. It was the most consequential war humanity has ever fought, and the standards had to be extremely stringent to meet the safety and quality standards the armies needed.

Industrialization, outsourcing, and productivity increases have made these filters economical to manufacture at scale nowadays, and they are necessary if you want air purifiers that truly keep the air fresh and clean.

Just to get an idea of the efficacy of these filters, you should know that they’re capable of capturing 99,97% of particles that are 0.1 microns or smaller. These particles include viruses, bacteria and various other air pollutants.

Ideally, HEPA filters are combined with other filtration techniques to further increase the air purifiers’ efficacy. Here at AIR8, our air purifiers typically have four to six filtration stages, and each one is specifically designed to perform a specific function. When it all comes together, you have a highly effective air purifier that can truly keep the indoor air clean and safe.

If your air purifier has all these qualities, it means that it will even be effective against the COVID virus and other small viruses. If you’re running a business, it is really important to communicate the safety of your establishment to your clients, and an excellent way you can do that is by installing a high-quality air purifier.

What are the Advantages of Renting a HEPA Air Purifier

At AIR8, we provide easy, straightforward leasing options that you can scale at your desire. Although purchasing the products have their own advantages, leasing also has certain, undeniable advantages:

Testing Out the Air Purifiers

Although we have a long list of clients who trust us as long-term partners, and we have the certifications and licenses that testify to our products’ quality, some companies still want to test out the products before purchasing them. This is completely understandable, and our flexible leasing terms allow you to test our products for however long you want to see their performance and efficacy.

Handling Specific Events

Even though air purifiers are invaluable to many businesses, there are a plethora of scenarios where purchasing an air purifier is not the most optimal solution.. Especially if you’re handling a specific event or you’re dealing with a unique situation that you are expecting to subside in a few months, it is more suitable for your business to rent the air purifiers instead of purchasing them.

Minimizing Investment Uncertainty

Each business environment is unique, and it is extremely difficult to model how your customers/clients react to certain changes.. There are specific questions you need to answer to minimize investment uncertainty:

  • How will my clients/customers react to this change?
  • Does this change in client/customer reaction influence my company’s revenues?
  • If it influences my company’s revenues positively, is it enough to justify the investment?

Without properly and completely answering all these three questions, you’ll be exposing your establishment to considerable risk, especially if the investment is large.

Although our products here at AIR8 are very appropriately priced, purchasing them might still count as a considerable investment to some establishments. This is why having a leasing option is so important.

By leasing our products, you’ll be able to answer all these questions with a fraction of the cost. And if you didn’t see any change in customer/client reaction, didn’t see any influence on your revenues, or the investment didn’t make sense, you can easily return the air purifiers without incurring a substantial financial loss.

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