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Air Quality

What are common air quality problems?

As a result of the current environmental conditions, we face the presence of suspended and invisible microparticles every time we breathe. The elevated level of air pollution inevitably raises the amount of chemical, physical and biological pollutants inside buildings.

The air quality depends on the amount of suspended particles it contains. Fine or coarse particles can linger in the air for multiple hours, and can carry allergens and dust, but also active viruses (ie. Covid-19).

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How do aerosols behave? How does the Covid-virus travel through air?

In a closed environment, heavier particles can travel up to 2 metres. The smaller particles and aerosols (produced when coughing, sneezing or talking) can travel up to 10 metres and stay suspended in the air for hours.

Some aerosols can carry active viruses. When inhaled, these aerosols are a source of transmission. Indirect contamination can happen when touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

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How do I test my air quality?

Our AIR8 specialists can provide you with an air quality check for you to understand what type of particles are present in the air. Moreover, we offer a variety of air quality monitors with multiple air sensors that allow real-time monitoring of the air parameters.

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What does the air quality meters check?

The levels in the air of the following: Carbon dioxide (CO2), PM2.5 / PM10, Formaldehyde Gas (HCHO), Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Temperature, Humidity.

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How can I reduce risk of transmission of Covid-19?

By natural ventilation supported with powerful HEPA filtration systems for the maximum result.

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AIR8 solution

How does our solution work?

Our devices are powered by a silent fan absorbing the air from your room, pushing it through various filtration levels and blowing clean air out again.

The AIR8 devices have between 4 and 6 filtration stages which include pre-filtration, HEPA filtration, carbon filtration, cold catalyst, UV-GI light as well as ionisation. Thanks to this cutting-edge air disinfection devices, 99,97% of all air particles are being removed from the air.

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What does HEPA stand for and where does it come from?

HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, is an efficiency standard for air filters.

HEPA filters were first created during World War II, to enhance the filtration process of gas masks. Later they were used to prevent the spread of radioactive contaminants floating in the air. Over the decades, the HEPA filters evolved and started to be used in various high technology industries such as aerospace, manufacturing that require contamination control, hospitals, homes and vehicles.

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Why is HEPA so effective?

HEPA filters are highly effective in capturing 99,97% of fine particles that are 0.1 microns and smaller. According to NASA reports, this size of particles is considered to be the most penetrating particle size, therefore the most dangerous one.

The HEPA filter’s microscopic fibre maze consists of interlaced glass fibres that are twisted and turned. The small size particles are caught by the diffusion principle when floating through HEPA filters. By hitting and sticking to the sides of fibres, these particles are trapped and therefore not harmful anymore.

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What does HEPA filter?

HEPA filters capture 99,97% of coarse, fine and nano particles lingering in the air, such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and air pollutants.

When combined with other air filtration technologies (such as carbon filters, cold catalyst and UV-GI light), 99,99% of all lingering particles are captured and eradicated.

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Does HEPA really filter the Covid-19 virus?

The microscopic fibre maze of the HEPA filter efficiently captures fine particles, even as small as 0.001 micron. The Coronavirus itself is 0.1 – 0.2 microns, moreover it travels through the air on larger respiratory droplets, therefore it is easily captured by HEPA filters.

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Is the technology commonly used?

The demand for better air quality has been growing over the past decades. Air filtration systems are commonly used in aviation and the medical sector, also more and more often in working spaces, retail, hospitality, as well as in private households.

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What does UV-GI light do?

The UV-GI light is an unrivalled technology that sterilizes 99,99% of particles. The ultraviolet light (UV-GI light) eradicates unhealthy microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Once destroyed, these accumulated microorganisms can no longer multiply in the filter.

The UV-GI light technology has been used in healthcare environments in order to disinfect spaces when unoccupied. The UV-GI lights are safely built-in and exposed only to the HEPA filter; making it 100% safe and compliant with EU directives.

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Is the AIR8 solution safe?

Yes, AIR8 solutions are carefully developed and manufactured in accordance with all EU health and safety directives. The UV-GI light is safely built in and only exposed to the internal current. Our devices are 100% ozone free!

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Are the units tested?

Yes, the technology applied to our systems has been extensively tested. Moreover, every product that leaves our factory has a unique quality code.

All the AIR8 systems are:

  • EC certified technologies
  • Compliant with EU directives
  • EN 1822 standardised
  • ISO certified
  • Equipped with TÜV certified HEPA filters


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What is the difference between the different AIR8 models?

The efficiency of an air disinfecting device is demonstrated via its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). This rate shows how many cubic metres of clean and safe air are being produced by the unit, on an hourly basis.

With a wide range of different devices with different efficiencies we can offer tailor-made options that fit the real needs and requirements of our clients’ indoor spaces.

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How to use the AIR8 systems?

There are multiple ways of controlling the device:

  • Control panel with touchscreen
  • Remote control
  • Connected devices, controlled via an app


All the devices offer multiple features such as a timer, lock option, alarm function, and crucial air parameters display. User manuals are available for each device, as well as an AIR8 support team for any questions that you might have.

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Where have such units been used already?

In medical centres, offices, retail stores, restaurants, schools & universities across Europe.

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Our service

For what purposes and sectors can I use AIR8?

The AIR8 solutions can be implemented in various sectors:

  • Business
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Education & Culture
  • Health & Wellness


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Which sectors are the AIR8 solutions aimed at?

The AIR8 solutions can be implemented in various sectors:

  • Business
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Education & Culture
  • Health & Wellness


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What units do I need for my space?

We make a calculation that is based on the quantity of air changes per hour (ACH) needed for your space. The recommended ACH is determined based on your sector, the mechanical ventilation already in place, and the use of each room.

Based on the size of your spaces, the recommended ACH and the occupation of the rooms, our AIR8 specialists are able to indicate the right quantity and configuration of devices.

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How quickly can it be installed?

Transportation and installation are part of our all-in-one service. We flawlessly deliver the products to the indicated location, at the time that suits you best. Dependant on the size of the order, the delivery with the installation takes from 1 to 5 days.

*Does not apply to the deliveries to the United Kingdom, where the delivery time could be up to 14 days.

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What does it cost?

The price of our solution varies depending on the needs of your spaces, the amount of devices, and the type of maintenance service associated to it.

Based on a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) comparison between existing solutions on the market, the AIR8 solutions is always found to be the most cost-effective solution.

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Is it an immediate expense or can I pay in installments?

With AIR8 you can choose your preferred financial solution – we offer purchasing and leasing options.

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Why do AIR8 units stand out from other comparable solutions in the market?

As a direct response to the need for safe air, we offer end-to-end solutions combining professional air quality assessments, medical-grade technologies, the implementation of user-friendly systems and its maintenance.

Our multi-stage filtration products are powerful devices combining the most advanced technologies currently available on the market, such as HEPA filtration and UV-GI sterilising light.

This combination of technologies allows us to reach the highest rate of filtration, and the highest CADR on the market. With such powerful solutions, 99,97% of air particles are efficiently removed from the air in a record time.

Our integrated service solution includes air quality checks, personalised solutions, logistics and commissioning, flexibility in financial options, as well as maintenance and communication tools.

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Where can I buy an AIR8 solution?

In order to receive an offer and purchase our devices, please contact our sales department at: or call: +34 933 028 640.

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How do I get filter replacement?

If the maintenance package is included in the offer, we will take care of the periodic installation of a new filter and removal of the old filter, as well as the operation and life expectancy of the UV-GI lamps.

If not, you can simply order individual filters by contacting your AIR8 Account Manager and placing them as described in the instructions.

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Do you give a warranty for the devices?

Our products include a 2-year warranty, with an exchange service in case of unsolvable technical malfunctions, machine failure, or manufacturing defects. Exceptions are, of course, improper use as stated in the operating instructions.

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Can you assure that my air quality will be improved?

After the installation and commissioning of the units, the air quality will almost immediately improve. Our AIR8 specialists can demonstrate it with their air quality check devices.

You can also follow the air quality evolution with our AIR8 air quality guard stations.


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How can I contact AIR8 for purchase or support?



Phone: +34 933 02 86 40

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