Air Purifier fighting Coronavirus

Air purifiers went from something nice to have in many situations to something necessary if you want to keep your facilities open and operating at full capacity, and a large part of this is due to COVID.

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Without air purifiers, you will put your clients in harm’s way, you will expose the patients in your medical establishment to a higher risk, and you won’t be able to gain the trust of the parents of your students driving down attendance in your school. These are just a few examples of how air purifiers can be essential to operate successfully during Coronavirus.

COVID Air Safety - How Air Purifiers Can Help

COVID, Its Transmission, and Why It is Crippling the World 

There’s a lot of misunderstanding over how the entire world was engulfed in a pandemic that essentially stopped many crucial aspects of our lives for a better part of two years. The SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus variant that caused the pandemic) seems less dangerous than other viruses that spread worldwide, like Ebola which has a much higher mortality rate.

So, how come it became the worst pandemic the world has experienced in about a century? The primary reason has been how easily transmittable is this virus. SARS-COV-2 is airborne and something as innocent as speaking to someone without a mask or shaking their hands might transmit the virus. This combination of ease of transmission and considerable lethality has made SARS-COV-2 so problematic. 

To make your establishment safer, you either need to reduce the lethality of SARS-COV-2 or you need to reduce its transmission. The former is impossible for any normal establishment. You can’t inoculate people, provide medical services, etc. But reducing the transmission of SARS-COV-2 is quite viable, especially with high-quality air purifiers. 

The easiest way to make your establishment safer is to reduce the transmission rate of SARS-COV-2. It is possible, especially with high-quality air purifiers.




How AIR8 Purifiers Help Keep Your Establishment Secure and Safe from COVID 19

COVID particles are airborne, and they can travel up to 2 metres and stay suspended for hours in the air, and even regular masks and safety protections don’t offer adequate protection against the virus in many instances. This is due to how tiny SARS-COV-2 particles are. They are about 0.1 to 0.2 microns, and this passes through some masks, regular air cleaners, etc. These solutions are still effective to a degree because the virus often travels on water droplets and other larger particles, which are more easily filtered out. This is why we’ve seen mask adoption has some limited success in slowing down the spread of the virus. 

Sounds complicated, right? Thankfully, here at AIR8, we have the perfect solution for you: air purifiers that improve the indoor air quality, keep the air fresh and filter out COVID 19 particles. This means a safer environment in your establishment, lower risks for truly vulnerable people, and the restoration of trust in the safety and reliability of the establishment. All of this is possible with our HEPA-filter-equipped air purifiers that are extremely effective in removing small particles, and we’ll discuss it in detail in the section below.

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You Need an Air Purifier Equipped
with a HEPA Filter

Medical-grade filters


Highest rate

of filtration in its category

Air ioniser

integrated technology


particulate filtration

Internal UV-GI

sterilising light

TÜV certified


As we mentioned above, it is impossible for regular filters to catch really small particles, and the aerosols that carry the virus usually pass through them, and this is why most governments and health experts agree that regular air purifiers, while they help to a small degree, are largely ineffective. 

But the HEPA filter is special – it is specially designed to successfully remove really small microns. According to a NASA study, an air purifier equipped with the filter can remove up to 99.7% of fine particles that are 0.1 microns or smaller. 

In fact, to fully appreciate how effective this filter is, you need to learn the context it was invented in. The filter was invented during WW2 to help protect against chemical gas attacks. This means that the life of an army man was dependent almost entirely on the success or failure of the filter, and the scientists that invented it made sure it was up to the task. 

Today, we’re not using air purifiers equipped with a HEPA filter in the context of war, but in many instances, it is still a life or death situation, and you need to make the right decision for your establishment.

Other Filtration Technologies Used in Our Products

Our devices have from 4 up to 6 filtration stages depending on the model, and the HEPA filter is only one of them. We’ve focused solely on it so far because it is the primary one responsible for largely reducing the risk of COVID 19, but this doesn’t mean the other filtering stages don’t all have unique advantages that really make the air purifiers a good investment beyond the pandemic. 

  • Carbon filtering: in this stage, the air is filtered through a bed of activated carbon that removes a significant amount of the impurities by absorbing it. Their filtering ability usually ranges from 0.5 to 50 microns, which is below the 0.1-micron filtering capability needed to remove COVID 19. Nevertheless, they do an excellent job of maintaining the air quality indoors.  
  • Cold catalyst: the process of cold catalyst filtering is quite complex and technical, but what is simple and straightforward is its advantages: it manages to transform many toxic, harmful gases into safer ones. This is essential to have fresh air in your interior. 
  • UV-GI light: this is a revolutionary technology that is only included in really high-quality purifiers. It uses light to sterilize microbes, viruses, and bacteria. It can sterilize up to 99.99% of particles, which means you and everyone else in your establishment will be safe and healthy thanks to this filtration stage. 
  • Ionisation: this filtering process consists of charging the particles in the air through ionisers, which is precisely why it is called ionisation – these particles then get attracted to the ground conductors in the system automatically filtering the air from most particles. Ionisation is really common in filters.


Why Should You Choose an AIR8 Air Purifier for COVID 19

Aside from AIR8 products all having excellent filtration processes, they also have many other attractive features that make purchasing/leasing one a very attractive prospect, especially for COVID protection. We’ll go over some of the most prominent reasons below. 

The Products aren't The Only Thing that Makes AIR8 Special

We recognize that purchase decisions aren’t made solely based on the quality of the products, but, rather, there are many accompanying services that many business clients find invaluable, and in this section, we’ll go through some of the most prominent ones: 

  • Professional, direct B2B channels: we are a B2B company, which is why we’ve ensured that we make our B2B interactions professional, streamlined, and as free from bureaucracy as possible. 
  • Ability to customize offers to tailor to your organization’s individual needs: we understand that safety isn’t something our clients take lightly, and they often require personalised, customised offers that truly tailor to the needs of their organization, not just to meet financial requirements but also safety and reliability requirements. That’s why we offer air quality assessment, on-site installation, and regular filter changeover, and more – all of these services can be expanded to completely fulfil your organization’s needs. 
  • Flexible financing options: COVID 19 hasn’t made life easier for many of us in the business world, and it is totally understandable if businesses want to not engage in considerable capital expenditure. Furthermore, many establishments might require air purifiers solely to deal with COVID 19 and they see upfront purchasing a large number of air purifiers as wasteful. Both concerns are valid, and here at AIR8, we’ve addressed both by providing extremely flexible and inexpensive financing options. If you want to lease a number of air purifiers for 1 or 2 years, you can do so with us at extremely attractive price points. If you want to purchase the products, you can do so as well. Regardless of the financing option you choose, our company will offer its services. 
  • Warranty and post-service care: retaining the trust and business of our clients is the model that has made us successful so far, and we don’t believe that’ll change anytime soon. This is why we ensure that our team is always at your disposal, and if anything happens to the device that’s covered by its warranty, we’ll make sure our team either replaces your device with a brand new one or fix it like new. 


Which Industries & Organizations Will Benefit from Adding Air Purifiers to Combat Coronavirus

Although every industry likely benefits from adding air purifiers to combat the novel coronavirus, we also recognize that in some rare instances, the costs probably don’t justify the investment. 

But, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the increase in consumer trust and the perception of your organization should be a major boon to your business, and over the last year, we’ve worked with many businesses and organizations from a vibrant range of industries, and we’ve seen how their businesses have boomed thanks to the air purifiers. Below, we’ll go over some of the industries where we believe our products will offer the best value for businesses:

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