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Air Pollution – Citizen Science to understand it

Availability of air pollution data is not as transparent as most of us think. Some governments are lagging in their efforts to cut down on air pollution and are keeping quiet about it. Yet, citizen science and grassroots projects can help ordinary people make informed decisions.

air pollution

Offices: an air pollution ecosystem

It is true: indoors can be as polluted as outdoors, sometimes even more, and these also apply to offices. What is also true is that we rarely pay attention at just how polluted they are.


Using Artificial Intelligence to predict concentrations of air pollution

A team of researchers are working on a novel way to predict high concentrations of polluted air over cities, thus reducing exposure and hospital admissions.

air pollution

Air Pollution and premature death

Data from 2019 has found that air pollution was directly responsible for the death of one out of six people around the world. There are no reasons to believe things have improved since then.

premature death

Nitrogen Dioxide and the spread of Covid-19

It is already bad enough that Covid-19 will be a part of our lives from now on, but new research has discovered that the Pandemic could have been less severe if certain air pollutants hadn’t been around.


Do you work out? That means nothing to air pollution

If you thought that daily exercise would be good for your health, think again: if you work out in an area infected by air pollution, you may lose all of your hard work’s benefits.

air pollution

Our fragile bodies: How Osteoporosis has been linked to air pollution

How is air pollution related to Osteoporosis? Just when we thought that air pollution couldn’t become even more harmful, research has found that our very bones can become brittle by being exposed to it.


Air Pollution: High exposure may cause a drop in intelligence

It sounds like something out of a Science Fiction dystopia, but research has found that intelligence can be affected by exposure to air pollution

air pollution

A brief History of HEPA Filters

From World War 2 to the development of scientific instruments, HEPA filters have become the golden standard to clean and sanitary air, but why were they created in the first place?

HEPA filters

Air Pollution has been found to have adverse effects on pregnancy

What is the relationship between pregnancy and air pollution? Researchers at UCLA have found that exposure to air pollution can cause cellular changes in the placenta, which can affect the health of both mother and baby.

air pollution pregnancy
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