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The different types of filtrations in AIR8 Air Purifiers

Before the pandemic, there was already concern about air pollution in indoor and outdoor places. Air pollution negatively affects the human body in different ways depending on the type of pollutant and other factors such as a person’s health risks; that is why air purifiers are essential in our lives.


Air Purifiers for the Hotels, Restaurants and Catering industry

The atmosphere and the quality of the air inside hotels and restaurants has always been an essential determiner of their success: the ambience determines how comfortable the customers feel and how much they enjoy the food and experience.


HEPA filtration to combat COVID-19 in the hotel and restaurant industry

Repeated lockdowns, curfews, booking cancellations, reduced capacity, and costly protocols are the strict restrictions governments are enforcing again. The hotel and restaurant industry (HORECA) are drastically suffering from this health crisis, and they will continue to suffer if this virus continues to spread through the air freely.


Air Quality Policy in the US and the EU

There are differing rules concerning air quality and what to do if its quality is not good enough in different countries and on different continents. Getting the purest air possible and staying healthy even in the least favourable conditions is the one goal that every organization tries to reach. Nowadays, there are many factors contributing to the worsening quality of air and there is just no simple solution to fix the problem of pollution. What are the policies like exactly in the US and the EU? How are different governments trying to mend this prominent issue that’s especially apparent nowadays, and what advice is given out to civilians? Let’s find out.


Irish schools will receive HEPA filters and improve their indoor air quality

Irish schools to receive HEPA filters to improve their indoor air quality and prevent further spread of COVID-19. In Ireland thousands of primary and secondary schools are due to open on January 6th with government officials stating that these are safe environments. However, Ireland has reported record-high Covid-19 case numbers this month, with the fast-spreading Omicron variant accounting for almost all infections.


Reasons to buy a Commercial Air Purifiers with medical -grade filtration

Air safety is one of the most important core issues our societies are dealing with today. A study from the European Environment Agency found that at least 177,300 early deaths in 2019 could have been avoided if EU countries met the new WHO guidelines. Air pollution has dreaded many health conditions and has impacted many lives across the world. With increasing air density, carbon dioxide and other pollutants, major cities are facing serious challenges.


Why every classroom should have two medical- grade Air Purifiers

Governments around the world are making room in their budgets to fund air purifiers for public schools, in the hopes of preventing major spread of COVID-19. Germany, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, and Spain, were the first ones to assign funds to improve indoor air quality in schools. And now Ireland has announced that they will provide extra money to fund the purchase or rental of Hepa filters in schools.


COVID Passports and Air Purifiers as a public health measure

A growing number of European countries have implemented the norm of asking for COVID passports to enter establishments. It’s a document to be presented for access to places such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals to curb the recent rise in COVID-19 cases. This measure is increasingly popular by EU countries as coronavirus cases continue to rise.


Most Polluted Cities in Europe in 2021

Although outside of CO2 emissions and global warming we rarely think about air quality, it is actually a major issue worldwide. Air pollution is one of the leading causes of death around the world — the World Health Organization estimates that more than 4 million people die due to air pollution each year. Studies show almost 90% of humans across the world regularly breathe unclean, unsafe air.

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