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Ensuring the health of your employees and customers through air purifiers for businesses

AIR8 wants to make Safe Air Spaces out of our indoors. Our products encourage companies and organisations to improve the quality of the air we breathe. With AIR8, you can provide a safe atmosphere for your clients, employees, and business.

Air purifiers for businesses – excellent prices and multiple financing options for your industry

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Our products combine certified HEPA filters with the most advanced technologies currently available in the medical sector. Our models are equipped with either HEPA 13 or 14 filters, and each are certified by the German TÜV laboratory. This means they are reliable, safe, and consistent. You can count on them to create a purification system that will work continuously for long periods of time.


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Air purifiers for businesses

My company has warehouses and other storage spaces; how can this affect my workers?

Closed and poorly ventilated spaces lead to the appearance of mould, fungi and other contaminating factors that remain in the closed environment. These, in turn, mix with particulate matter resulting from the natural wear and tear of the materials from which the warehouse or storage facility is constructed, resulting in a cloud of toxic air for those entering and exiting these spaces.

A system of air purifiers strategically placed throughout your offices, and within warehouses, can serve as a barrier against the inconvenience caused by stale air.

Are these technologies safe and will they not degrade and cause problems in my spaces?

Our products comply with all EU health and safety directives and are 100% ozone free.

We have thoroughly tested all of our technology. Each of our products is certified by the European Commission and standardized according to EN 1822. They are ISO and TÜV certified.

Can I use any model to meet my needs?

No. Each space has its own function and dimensions, so it is advisable to first make a study of areas and uses. Our large models are perfect for large areas, such as meeting rooms, warehouses, or work rooms where many people gather. Our medium and small models, on the other hand, are ideal for more specific spaces, such as small offices, bathrooms, or hallways.

We will provide you with all the advice you need to find the best configuration to suit your needs and space.

General questions about air purifiers

Can an AIR8 purifier be a protection against allergies?

Yes, due to the ability of HEPA filters to trap particles down to 0.001 microns, as well as the power of our devices to absorb and filter the surrounding air. The most common allergens, such as pollen, spores, dust released by building materials, or particles released by synthetic fibers, are large enough to be easily trapped by our devices.

In addition, the UV-GI light sterilises any organic debris trapped between the HEPA filter fibers. This ensures not only that the filtered air is free of agents that could cause an allergic episode, but also that the filter itself will not be a health hazard on the day it needs to be replaced.

Wouldn’t it be easier if I opened the window and allow fresh air to flow in?  

Although natural ventilation is good for achieving a minimum degree of purification of a space, it is not the most appropriate solution. Some concentrations of pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), are very difficult to remove with natural ventilation. On the other hand, the air that normally enters your spaces is the same polluted air from the streets, so you would be substituting one problem for another.

Thanks to the technologies in our products, an AIR8 purifier guarantees you purified and healthy air without the need to open the window. Due to its high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the air that will be breathed in your space will be of much higher quality than the air you would breathe just by opening the windows.