Creating Safe Environments for Business

Providing a healthy and secure working environment has become a priority for many employers, as more evidence show that spaces with clean and fresh air drive productivity, which is essential for a business’s long-term success.

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Clean air is a basic human need, and we constantly see this reflected in people’s psyche and behaviour when they talk about how they miss the fresh air of rural areas, how they camp in places with fresh air away from the urban buzz, etc.

This important fact about humans should not be forgotten, nor its impact underestimated. According to WHO, more than 4 million people worldwide die each year due to air pollution. Prove to your employees that you care about their wellbeing by implementing our medical-grade air-purifying solutions.

Proven Methodology for Best Practices

Delivering clean air to your employees and having a holistic air filtration system for your business can be easier than you think. With our exceptional B2B services, you’ll be able to have a completely safe working environment in a short time with little capital investment.

Nevertheless, it is vital for you to understand how to employ an effective methodology to tailor the air purification solution to each office. Some vital questions need to be asked, like which air ventilation and purification system is already in place, what’s the layout of the office. Below, you’ll be able to see a useful chart of what we take into account before making decisions.


Are you aware of the recommended air change rates that are applicable in your space?

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Our products rely on multi-stage filtration that combines the most advanced technologies currently available on the market to provide your office with air that is undoubtedly safe. Our medical-grade HEPA NANO filters remove 99.97% of malicious particles from the air providing safe environments for both business and leisure sectors. High efficiency in killing viruses (ie. Coronavirus) and bacteria — this ensures a safer, more friendly environment for your employees.

We understand that the quality of the device is a key factor when choosing AIR8, however our offering is more than the product itself. We provide an all-in-one service, professional consultancy, air quality assessments, great availability of the products, flexible financial options, a good warranty, and much more.

To this end, we’ve made sure our purchasing process is easy and straightforward. In addition, you can read through our FAQ to learn more.

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