Workplace Air Quality

The problem encountered with indoor air quality is the same we experience with that at the workplace (or even worse). It is considered to be more dangerous than outdoor air. This is because of the commercial and industrial indoor materials and assets that could present pollution to the atmosphere. We spend much time at the office, which means we are constantly breathing the air in the building. If the air is of poor quality, we are at risk of health issues that could easily be avoided with a bit of intervention.

WHO air quality guidelines

Many guidelines regulate how to measure air pollution and control air quality in the world today. A prevailing one remains that set by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO air quality guidelines serve as a reference standard from which many cities manage the air pollution policies in its region. It includes guidelines that help policymakers around the globe set standards regarding air quality and how it affects the health of the residents.

How to test air quality in office?

As people start recognizing the importance of healthy, comfortable, and productive indoor environments, the awareness and demand for good indoor air quality increases.

Are HEPA filters a good solution for coronavirus?

HEPA was originally developed for aerospace, but is now also used in air purifiers to filter pollution from the indoor air.

Medical Air Purifiers

There’s no doubt that medical establishments need to maintain the highest quality of cleanliness and hygiene if they want to earn the trust of visitors/customers/patients. Entire medical establishments succeed and fail based on this alone.

Air Purifier for Offices

Creating the right environment conducive to productive work, meetings and communication isn’t easy. One of the oft-overlooked aspects of creating such an environment is the ambience and air of the office. Ensuring fresh, clean air in the office reduces the feeling of being cramped, increases productivity and enables better communication.

HEPA Air Purifier Leasing

The effectiveness of an air purifier is largely dependent on its filtration processes. Two otherwise identical products that filter air at the same rate will have widely divergent efficacy rates depending on the type of filters used.

Air Purifier for Hotels

Customer experience is the cornerstone of a hotel’s success, and controlling the air quality and bad odours are an integral part of the customer experience.

Air Purifier for Restaurants

The atmosphere and the quality of the air inside restaurants have always been an essential determiner of their success: the ambience of the restaurant determines how comfortable the customers feel and, to an extent, how much they enjoy their food.

Air Purifier for Classrooms

It is hard to overstate how important air purifiers are for classrooms, especially going forward. They’re one of the places that are most in need of them, and this is due to a plethora of reasons:

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