Best place to put your air purifier

Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges many countries across the globe are trying so hard to combat. While that is still being handled, individuals have the shared responsibility to fight against pollution as it affects each and every one of us.

Researches say that that poor-quality indoor air is one of the factors increasing mortality in the world. This means we need to pay more attention to battling it. Air purifiers are designed to help with this.

However, it’s more than just getting an air purifier; it’s also about ensuring that it is placed at a convenient location where it can serve its purpose effectively. It is essential to know that placing an air purifier in the proper position increases its efficiency by about 25%- 35%. That is a very big difference.

This post highlights important notes on how to keep an air purifier at a good spot. But to find the perfect place, there are few questions to ask yourself.

What is the estimated size of the room?

The size of the room should be calculated because it plays an important role in the choice, model, size, and capacity of the air purifier.

It is important to know that not all purifiers function to the same capacity.  Some are built for smaller spaces and can only purify about 10 square meters. This means that it will not work efficiently when placed in a room of 40 square meters space.

When buying an air purifier, the size of the room will influence the CADR number specified on the device. The higher the CADR, the faster air will be purified in the room, and the better it will work at eliminating certain pollutants in the air.

Tips on where to place an air purifier

There are many speculations on the ideal place to keep an air purifier. Is it okay to place it on the table, shelve, or floor?

Follow these valuable tips and find the best place to put an air purifier.

1. Keep the air purifier away from humidity

Although these rooms may seem like the rooms that need the air purifier the most, it would be best to know that an air purifier isn’t the best idea for such rooms. The bathrooms are particularly humid with thick and moist air. The best way to improve the quality of the air in such a room is to make use of a dehumidifier.

2. Consider the principle of diffusion

When considering the diffusion principle, the best place to position an air purifier is at the side of the room with the most open space. This principle of diffusion describes that the particles in the air will circulate across the room at equal distances from one another.

Therefore, as the air purifier sucks in air, the particles in the air begin to fill up the gaps they originally had. And as the clear air is released, it will circulate across the room.

3. Obstructions and obstacles should be avoided.

It’s crucial to ensure the unobstructed flow of the air to and from the purifier. It is then important not to cover the vents and not to place the device directly against the wall or a corner.

4. Ensure to place it away from sources of heat.

Just like most machines, an air purifier will get heated when during its course of operation. This is due to the mechanical mechanism that it runs on, and this produces heat.

So, to avoid overheating the air purifier, place it away from heat sources. Placing your air purifier around other appliances that emit heat is not also advisable. You should put an air purifier where it will not be at risk of overheating.


In addition to knowing how efficient an air purifier works, you might be asking if it’s okay to leave an air purifier on all through the night. YES, it is entirely okay to leave it on all through the night. Air purifiers are constructed to work all round the clock (day and night). Meanwhile, it would be best to consider the durability before proceeding to work with this timing.

Air purifiers come in different types, models, and designs. Some can work all night while some are not. So, ensure that you buy a good product, and make sure you try your utmost best to keep your air purifier at a suitable place.

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