Air Quality Policy in the US and the EU

There are differing rules concerning air quality and what to do if its quality is not good enough in different countries and on different continents. Getting the purest air possible and staying healthy even in the least favourable conditions is the one goal that every organization tries to reach. Nowadays, there are many factors contributing to the worsening quality of air and there is just no simple solution to fix the problem of pollution. What are the policies like exactly in the US and the EU? How are different governments trying to mend this prominent issue that’s especially apparent nowadays, and what advice is given out to civilians? Let’s find out.

Organizations in Charge of Air Quality Guidelines and How They Work

There are a couple organizations that monitor the air quality and set the rules. NAAQ is set in the US and EEA in Europe. The World Health Organization, however, takes care of the difficulties that occur all over the world. WHO states that if the air quality gets low, you should try to avoid going outside, wear a facemask that’s fitted well, and use an air purifier in closed spaces. Elderly people, young children, and those with other conditions and illnesses that could make it more dangerous should obey those rules and try not to be exposed to low-quality air, as it could be especially harmful to them.

Those rules are to be followed and can help and make the situation better. Everyone should care about air quality in their everyday life because the repercussions of underestimating the importance of access to pure air are severe and bring harm to every single person. It’s not to be ignored, as it’s undeniably a part of every person’s daily life and wellbeing. The quality of air is still getting worse.

The Threats of Neglecting the Issue of Air Quality

Clean air and a healthy planet are simply not among our priorities as a society. We’re paying a high price for this behaviour. Just in 2019, 178 000 lives could have been saved, provided the air had been cleaner. Air pollution has become such a pressing issue that it’s one of the most serious environmental problems in today’s world.

The quality of air needs to be managed at all times so that the situation could get better. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the prevalent pollution of air that you may not even be aware of. It’s produced in everyday situations like your home life and commuting to work. It’s difficult to eliminate the issue of polluted air completely, but your contribution to it can and should be kept to a minimum.

The Importance of Taking Air Matters Seriously

Air pollution is a major cause of premature death, so it needs to be taken seriously. There are different guidelines concerning the emission of pollutants, with a detrimental impact on the quality of the day-to-day life. This way it can be monitored and controlled. The policies are set in relation to the needs and a specific situation of different places all over the world. The zones are determined on the basis of the concentration of chemicals that are set into the atmosphere and not good for the environment.

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