Air Purifier for Restaurants

The atmosphere and the quality of the air inside restaurants have always been an essential determiner of their success: the ambience of the restaurant determines how comfortable the customers feel and, to an extent, how much they enjoy their food.

If the atmosphere has a greasy feel, if fine particles from kitchen activities are polluting the air, and bacteria transmitted via respiratory droplets can freely act. Your restaurant will have a hard time providing an exemplary experience. Your business will likely suffer and be in the look for an air purifier for restaurants.

The quality and safety of the air we breathe has come under close scrutiny recently due to the COVID pandemic. It has reminded everyone how viruses can be transmitted through the air and how big of a health risk it is. Although the pandemic won’t last forever, it has created an awareness among a generation about the importance of air quality. Customers will actively care about the safety of the air in the establishments they visit for a long time. Since safety is one of the key requirements of success in the restaurant business, it is important to cater to our customers and truly ensure healthy, fresh air.

At AIR8, we understand the needs of the hospitality industry and we successfully provided clean air to several businesses. We’ve seen first-hand the impact our products have on their business and customer satisfaction. Here, we’ll go over what our air purifiers can do for you and how we cater our services to your needs. By the end, you’ll be able to understand why so many restaurants use and trust our air purifiers.

What Can AIR8 Air Purifiers Do For Your Restaurant?

Ensuring the Health of Your Employees and Customers

During the beginning of the pandemic, one of the big questions was how successful were regular air filters in containing this virus. And while we now know that they curtail its growth to a degree, they’re largely ineffective due to how small the virus is. You need high-quality, special filters to be able to deal with small viruses and bacteria.

That’s where AIR8 products come in. Thanks to modern filtration stages, our air purifier for restaurants can filter out 99.97% of particles that are 0.1 microns or smaller (the COVID-19 virus is 0.1-0.2 microns). This means that you can guarantee a new standard of safety and health with our air purifiers. A regular air purifier won’t be nearly as effective.

Excellent Product Prices and Multiple Financing Options

Purchasing the air purifier for restaurants is a big investment, and in the restaurant business the owners are very cautious. Here at AIR8, we’ve tried to address these concerns in two ways:

  • Attractive prices: we’ve done our market research, and we’ve made sure our products are among the best priced in the market. Cheaper air purifiers from other makers usually don’t offer the same features and protections. If you truly want to get the most out of your money, our products are the right choice.
  • Leasing options: some restaurants might want to test the air purifiers before deciding to invest in them. Other restaurants might only need air purifiers for certain events, not constantly throughout the year. These issues can all be easily solved with our leasing option. Any business can lease as many of our air purifiers as they need for any period of time. This enables establishments to respond to particular events or test out the products. It is a great option if you don’t want to invest immediately.

Air Quality Assessment and On-Site Installation

Our company can perform a preliminary air quality assessment to truly learn the indoor air quality, and based on this, we can customize our offer to truly fit your restaurant’s needs. Anyone working in the restaurant business knows how much variety there is, and anyone trying to find a one-size-fits-all solution will fail.

After the air quality assessment, our team also performs the on-site installation making sure the devices perform. This ensures levels of efficacy and performance you don’t see with other air purifier providers.

How Do AIR8 Services Meet Your Needs?

Restaurants are some of our biggest clients, and we value working with them. That’s why we’ve specifically designed some of our services to cater to their needs:

  • Marketing help: we recognize it might be difficult to communicate the added value air purifiers provide. Since the larger interest in air quality due to COVID, it’s vital to communicate the advantages to gain potential customers. This is why we offer marketing help to ensure that the core pros of air purifiers don’t get lost in technical jargon.
  • Warranty and maintenance: we understand the need for a consistent environment in restaurants, and this will only happen if the air purifiers are reliable and thoroughly tested. This all accurately describes AIR8. Our products are TÜV tested, ensuring the highest degrees of reliability. We provide a 2-year warranty. And, lastly, if you get our support package, we ensure the continuous and periodical replacement of old filters.. This means you can always trust the consistency and reliability of your air purifiers.
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