Air Purifier for Hotels

Customer experience is the cornerstone of a hotel’s success, and controlling the air quality and bad odours are an integral part of the customer experience.

The hospitality sector is nos looking into air purifier for hotels due to the COVID pandemic that made air quality a national conversation. If you’re a hotel that got interested in air purifiers due to the pandemic, one thing should be clear: air purifiers provide more value and are useful far beyond the pandemic alone.

Here at AIR8, we help hotels achieve an excellent customer experience by offering air purifiers, help with the installation, and provide constant maintenance. In this piece, we’ll go over everything you need to know about using air purifier for hotels.

Challenges that Hotels Face

Hotels face considerable challenges that make it quite difficult to ensure clean air inside the establishment. Before talking about the benefits of air purifier for hotels, it is important to go over all the different challenges hotels face.

A Steady Flow of People Means a Lot of Air Pollution

Hotels can’t particularly control who comes in and out of their buildings, and usually, there’s a lot of movement inside the building. This makes the environment especially vulnerable to airborne bacteria and viruses. It also generates a considerable amount of pollution.

If a solution isn’t found, you might put your guests and employees at risk of diseases, especially during busy times. For employees, this would mean losing valuable manpower in a time you’ll need it the most. And for guests, it would mean they’d feel inconvenienced, and they might not come back to your establishment again or give you a bad review.

Undesirable Odours from Cleaning, Cooking, and Other Hotel Services

Almost all hotels need to provide a few essential services: food, cleaning, etc. And, sadly, all these activities generate certain odours that might not be desirable in your hotel. The smell of food can travel a long way, especially if you don’t have proper ventilation. Detergents and other cleaning agents have smells that linger for a long time.

Even proper air circulation and ventilation might not be able to quickly get rid of some of these odours, you might need a better, less intrusive solution.

The Presence of Bacteria, Viruses, and Allergens

In the hospitality business is hard to prevent the presence of bacteria, viruses, and allergens through traditional methods:

  • Allergens: Allergens are usually harmless particles, but a substantial number of people are allergic to them. It can make the lives of those affected by them miserable. If allergens are not filtered out, and they cause allergic reactions in your guests, it will substantially degrade their experience. Create an allergy-free hub for your visitors and make them come back!
  • Bacteria and viruses: as we mentioned before, the COVID 19 pandemic truly made people aware of the risks of airborne diseases. Now, more than ever, people care about the indoor air quality and the measures hotels take to prevent bacteria and viruses from propagating.

Diverse Hotel Designs Makes Maintaining Air Quality Difficult

There are two traditional ways most establishments try to keep the air clean, ventilation and air circulation. And, although these two solve some of the problems we’ve listed to various degrees, they’re also hard to implement.

Due to the diverse hotel designs, investment in ventilation and air circulation to make sure they reach adequate levels can be quite costly. This is why a less costly, more accessible alternative is preferable, like adding air purifier for hotels.

The Benefits of Installing Air Purifiers in a Hotel

Benefits from AIR8 to your hotel

Every problem we mentioned above can be alleviated by installing air purifiers in your hotel.

  • Provide a better customer experience: air purifiers helps reduce undesirable odours, keep the air feeling clean and fresh, and make sure your guests stay healthy. This is a recipe for an excellent customer experience. You should see improvements in your reviews and increases in return business, especially if you market it right.
  • Cut down on cleaning time: high-quality air purifiers can filter out the dust and debris that floats around various areas of the hotel. This means that your employees need to spend less time dusting and cleaning various rooms. This reduces the hotel’s upkeep costs.
  • Ensure your employees always perform at their best: multiple studies have shown that people perform better, feel better, and are more satisfied working in environments with clean air. Sadly, one of the main issues the hotel industry has is the really high turnover rate. It is expensive to train new employees, as well, which puts a lot of hotels in a really hard position. That’s why creating an environment that your employees feel easy and fulfilled in is important. Air purifiers might not have a massive impact, but they’ll certainly make your employees feel healthier and more comfortable.
  • Save money through reduced energy consumption: we mentioned above how air circulation was one of the main ways hotels decide to deal with these problems. What we didn’t mention was the energy bill associated with this. When opening windows up for air circulation during the colder months, it usually costs more to reheat the room. You won’t have to deal with this problem with air purifiers, however. They keep the air quality high without changing the temperature of the room.

AIR8 - Everything You Need to Know About Our Services and Products

Now that the problems hotels face are clear and the advantages of air purifiers are clearly laid out, it is time to talk about what we bring to the table. A large number of hotels have trusted us, and this is because of the advantages our products and services offer.

High-Quality Air Purifiers at Excellent Price Ranges

We offer air purifiers that are thoroughly tested, internationally certified, and have multiple air filtration stages. You won’t find products with similar qualities and features at the same price range anywhere in the UK.

Our air purifiers with HEPA filters are capable of filtering out 99.97% of tiny particles in the air. If you’re truly dedicated to providing the cleanest air in your hotel, you definitely need learn about our top-end products.

More than just Clients, Long-term Partnerships

One of the reasons many establishments prefer to deal with us is due to how we approach our B2B business. We deal with each client as a long-term partnership, and we offer a multitude of services to help our clients succeed in the long term:

  • Maintenance package: we offer a comprehensive maintenance package that includes periodic replacement of the HEPA ‘ filters. This ensures reliable performance for decades to come.
  • Marketing help: it might be hard to market clean air. Wrong messaging might make it seem trivial and unimportant. That’s why we’ve decided to offer marketing help. We’ll help you with the messaging and the ads to help you best communicate the advantages of air purifiers to your guests.
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