Air Purifier for Classrooms

It is hard to overstate how important air purifiers are for classrooms, especially going forward. They’re one of the places that are most in need of them, and this is due to a plethora of reasons:

Three of the main reasons on why we need to start sending air purifier for classrooms are these:

  • Classrooms are cramped: classrooms often host more than 10-20 people in a small area. This will not only cause the quality of the air to drop, but such an environment is perfect for viruses, bacteria, etc. to spread.
  • Classrooms host vulnerable people: although not always, classrooms are often hosting children and young adults. And these demographics are more sensitive to pollution and air-borne diseases. This makes low-quality, polluted air impact them more.
  • Classrooms are in poorly ventilated buildings: classrooms are often in buildings with poor ventilation. As a result, and when there isn’t proper air circulation, the air will become more polluted and feel less fresh.

Why is Good Air Quality a Necessary Part of a Great Learning Environment?

Most educators have experienced first-hand how difficult it is to create an environment conducive to learning. A lot of thought needs to be put into the classroom’s layout, the mannerism the teacher and the technologies used to convey information. One aspect that does contribute substantially to the making of a great learning environment is air quality and the adding of air purifier for classrooms:

  • Helps students retain information better: lower air quality prevents people from focusing and increases risks of mental health issues. Installing an air filter will help retain the quality of air in the classroom and help students focus better.
  • Reduces anxiety: students are naturally prone to anxiety more than the general population, which is why special care needs to be taken to address students’ anxieties. Especially since anxiety is strongly correlated with lower academic achievement. This might surprise you, but low air quality might make students feel anxious. Even when students were allowed to go back to school, they had a harder time focusing due to the fear of the transmission of COVID-19. Classrooms that have HEPA air purifiers largely minimize the risks of virus transmission and the fears associated with them.
  • Protects sensitive students with allergies: allergies are painful to deal with. Not only do they cause a lot of inconveniences to the person with the allergy, but they might also annoy and inconvenience people around them due to the allergic person’s coughing and sneezing. This causes a lot of disruption in the classroom. By placing the air purifier for classrooms, you can help easily minimize airborne allergies in your classroom by installing a high-quality air purifier.

How Do AIR8 Air Purifiers Ensure Good Air Quality Inside the Classrooms?

Although all the benefits of the previous section are real, it is hard to find on a quality air purifier for classrooms that truly maximizes all these benefits and creates a truly inclusive, relaxing learning environment. Not with AIR8, however. We take serious steps to ensure that the air purifiers you purchase from us truly meet the highest standards:

Multiple Filtration Stages

The latest filtration technologies are incorporated into the design of our product. While most filters were virtually useless against COVID-19, our filters are much more successful thanks to the HEPA filters installed. And this isn’t the only type of filter our products use. Our products have four to six filtration stages depending on the model, including carbon filtration, ionisation, UV-GI light, and cold catalyst. They ensure that the allergens are filtered out, that small viruses like COVID-19 are filtered out and fresh air.

AIR8 Devices are Thoroughly Tested to Ensure Performance Stability in a Variety of Environments

The sizes and layouts of classrooms vary a lot, and for a filtering solution to work, there needs to be a lot of testing to ensure the system performs. This is exactly what we do here at AIR8. Each of our products is TÜV tested to guarantee they meet their performance specifications.

Smart IoT Devices

It can be time-consuming and difficult to tune the air filters in an entire building to a suitable preset, and depending on the time of the day and environmental conditions, you might need to change the setting of your air purifiers.

IoT describes a network of ‘smart’ devices that can be connected and operated remotely. This precisely describes the products we offer. Some of our models can be easily tuned throughout the school/building through an application. This saves our clients a lot of time and headache. Definitely a must-have feature if you are planning to install more than a handful of units.

Why Should You Buy an AIR8 Air Purifier for Schools?

Aside from amazing products, we offer a variety of essential services that makes the purchase/leasing decision a no-brainer:


A large number of potential buyers are discouraged from buying air purifiers due to multiple inconveniences. These include the time it takes to set up the purifiers, the purchase/leasing contracts, and upkeep and maintenance costs.

These are all valid concerns, but AIR8 has taken serious steps to alleviate them:

  • Our solutions are plug and play, and their set-up takes very little time. No need to make structural changes to the classrooms, spend considerable money during installation, etc.
  • Directly supplying our products makes the contracts simple and straightforward.
  • Our commitment to thorough testing – this means less upkeep and lower maintenance costs making our products very attractive investments.


With two years warranty and an option of an extensive post-service care, you can look at AIR8 as a continuous and reliable partner. We’ll be there for you when your air purifiers need maintenance, the filters need replacement or any other issue you might have. This reliability and stability can take a lot of the guesswork out of the decision.

Marketing Support

Although the benefits of having air purifiers in your classrooms are undeniable, it isn’t as easy to convince your students, their parents, and the larger community. This usually results in the benefits of your investment in air purifiers being underwhelming from a business perspective.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Here at AIR8, we recognize how difficult it can be to properly message and market the benefits of air purifiers, and this is why we’ve created a specific service where we help our clients with marketing. You can look at our portfolio to see a selection of the businesses we’ve helped from a variety of sectors.


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