Air Disinfection Solutions

Air-borne diseases are one of the primary ways humans get sick, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic was merely another testament to this. If you want to ensure your visitors are safe, your employees remain healthy, and your facility feels fresh, you definitely need air disinfection solutions.

In this piece, we’ll discuss why air disinfection matters, how air purifiers can effectively purify and disinfect indoor air, what makes our air purifiers special, and finally, what services we provide that can help your establishment get perfect indoor air safety.

Why Does Air Disinfection Matter?

#1 Reducing the Risk of Illnesses and Keeping Everyone Safe

This is the most obvious benefit of air disinfection. Air-borne diseases are the most prevalent in the world because of how easily viruses and bacteria that travel through the air and take advantage of weaknesses in our respiratory system can propagate. This is why it is impossible to get rid of variants of the common cold, that’s why the greatest minds of the world came together and they couldn’t properly handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you want to create a truly safe environment, you can’t ignore all the viruses and bacteria that are floating around in the air. You need air disinfection systems that are capable of either filtering out harmful microorganisms, killing them, or rendering them harmless.

#2 Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive

No matter the industry you work in, your employees are likely your most important asset. Keeping your employees motivated, healthy, productive and happy is the key to success. And there’s no shortage of case studies and research showing the impact of air quality on the productivity and mood of employees.

The effects of the atmosphere and ambience on the quality of the work and workplace satisfaction can’t be overstated.

How are Air Purifiers One of the Best Air Disinfection Solutions?

Now that all the major benefits of air disinfection are clear, it is time to look at all the ways air purifiers can help disinfect indoor air. Using air purifiers is one of the most cost-effective, efficient ways of air disinfection, and this is because it uses multiple methods to deal with viruses and bacteria:

– Filtration: Filtering out microorganisms seems like an intuitive solution to disinfect the air, and it certainly works. Although, the success of this stage varies greatly from one air purifier to another. If there’s a high-quality filter installed in the air purifier, it can filter out an overwhelming majority of small microorganisms and viruses. Sadly, though, if the filter isn’t up to the required standards, it might let in a large number of viruses and bacteria completely unobstructed. But if the filtration process is truly successful, it cleans the air considerably and prepares it for the next stage.

– Sterilisation: Air purifiers use disinfection methods like UV-GI lights that have the ability to kill and sterilise almost all microorganisms. This works by subjecting the air going through the air purifier to ultraviolet rays that have the ability to change  the microorganisms’ DNA or disable vital cell functionalities. This method works much more effectively with pre-filtered air, which is why it is usually done in the later stages of air purification. When most of the debris and large microorganisms are filtered out.

What Makes AIR8’s Air Purifiers Special?

Although the above section was about air purifiers in general, we’ve made sure our products go above and beyond to ensure perfectly disinfected air. Below, we’ll go over some of the features that make our air purifiers an essential part of air disinfection solutions.

Combining Multiple Air Disinfection Methods for Maximum Effect

Although we mentioned two crucial processes by which air purifiers disinfect places, this doesn’t mean every air purifier will take advantage of both. In fact, most air purifiers use one of the methods only, which doesn’t give you the quality you’re looking for, for your establishment.

Here at AIR8, our products don’t just have two stages of filtration, but they can range from four to six stages depending on the type of the product. Each stage plays a crucial part to bring you clean air.

Using High-Quality HEPA Filters to Make the Air Treatment Process Extremely Effective

The number of our filtration stages isn’t the only thing that makes our products special, but it is also the quality of each filtration stage. For example, we use state-of-the-art HEPA filters that can catch minuscule molecules with ease. These filters are key to filtering out many smaller viruses and bacteria. For example, without these filters, an air purifier wouldn’t be able to filter out COVID-19-spreading molecules, which are generally on the smaller side.

Following Strict Standards and Regulations for Great Reliability

When relying on certain air disinfection solutions, you’re installing devices in your facility that are critical to the health of your visitors, the productivity of your employees, and the long-term growth and health of your company. They’re critical devices that must meet the highest standards of reliability and safety.

This is exactly what we’ve tried to achieve with our air purifiers. They are CE approved and TÜV tested, which means they’re reliable, safe, and consistent. You can rely on them to create disinfection systems that work reliably and continuously for very long periods of time

What Services Does AIR8 Provide to Ensure The Indoor Air in Your Establishment is Healthy and Fresh?

It isn’t only our products that make AIR8 truly special, but we also provide a number of complementary services that ensure the highest quality air inside your establishment at all times.

Air Quality Assessment and Custom Air Disinfection Solutions

After you initially contact us, one of the first things we do is visit the premises and conduct an air quality assessment and a thorough check of the building and its structure. This is necessary to learn the level of pollution, air circulation, ventilation, etc. And all this information is vital and extensively used by our experienced team to create a custom solution for your facility.

This custom solution takes into account the air quality, the size of each area, the way air circulates in the building, your budget, and much more. This is the only way we can reach a holistic solution that meets all your needs and fits all your requirements.


Support Packages Ensuring the Highest Levels of Disinfection at All Times

Although our air purifiers are designed to last and operate reliably, they still need maintenance from time to time. At AIR8, we offer additional support packages that include the regular maintenance of the air purifiers and the replacement of the filters and lights. This ensures the devices always operate at 100% keeping the air clean and free from viruses and bacteria.

B2B Solutions

Our company’s business model is specifically designed to cater to businesses, and to this end, we offer a variety of services that make things easier on our clients:

  • No intermediaries: our plug-and-play devices are sold without intermediaries. Our contracts are straightforward and the shipping time is minimal. When buying our products, you should expect minimum paperwork and setup time.
  • Various financing options: we offer various financing options to companies of various sizes and needs. This means you can get your hands on our products with a tiny investment.
  • Marketing support: now that you have absolutely clean, disinfected air in your establishment, how do you let your clients know? Messaging and marketing can be quite challenging. This is why we offer to help our clients get it right with extensive support.
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